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Gunster Law Firm

“I’m now more responsive to clients and more productive in making things happen.”

Attorney who was dropping the ball and missing out on opportunities, both personally and professionally.

Brian Seymour

Ussery Motor Group

“This has been more impactful for us in the last few years than anything else I can think of.”

CEO whose employees were struggling with stress and responsiveness.

Greg Barnes

Atlantic Pacific Companies

“Now, I can spend my time thinking about the big picture and making sure my team has everything they need. I’m so much happier and have so much less stress.”

Accounting professional challenged with email organization and feeling overwhelmed.

Matt Smith

Enviro Waste Services Group

“They really challenged me to change my thinking about organization and productivity.”

Busy CEO who thought he knew how to be efficient and had his own system for being organized.

Paul Quentel

Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society

“We are so excited and happy with the results. Now me and my entire team work way more efficiently together.”

Zoo executive who was looking for solutions to help her di-verse team improve their productivity.”

Margo McKnight
CEO and President

Adler Real Estate Partners

“I must admit I was skeptical at first but the tactics and techniques I learned through Productive Power really blew me away. Now that I can effectively manage my email, calendar and tasks, I spend most of my days getting things done instead of figuring out what to do. I was surprised at how good it would feel to have a clean inbox and I can’t imagine ever going back.”

John Meyer

Ballard Spahr, LLP

“I’m so happy I decided to take the Productive Power program! My coach was wonderful and the strategies I learned helped me greatly reduce my stress level when it comes to my inbox. Learning new tools, like OneNote, has helped me become more efficient and organized. The time I invested in the program was well worth it. I highly recommend it!”

Heike Sullivan

Capital Strategies Investment Group

“The benefits I have experienced have been game changers for me in terms of productivity. As a result, I now have more time to focus on real priorities while I am in the office as well as personal priorities outside of the office. One of the biggest benefits I have experienced is having more clarity around my personal best practices. Productive Power taught me how to use Outlook in a seamless fashion, but more importantly, they taught me how to create processes tailored to how I work and what is best for me so I can make the most of my time while in the office. Opening Outlook or even OneNote no longer creates anxiety or confusion as I have processes in place including filters that reduce junk email (a.k.a distractions), short cuts that reduce the number of steps/clicks to accomplish a task, methods to capture and catalog notes without having to rewrite them and easy templates that prevent me from reinventing the wheel each time. Another benefit has been appreciating the power of “letting go” of information that no longer serves me. While much of what they teach comes back to self-discipline, I use my time more efficiently, deliver better value and drive stronger results for my firm. And the benefits personally have been equally compelling because I now use more of the 168 hours in the week for personal development and to enjoy my life.”

Nancy Rizzuto


“I just completed their training program and it helped me immensely. It taught me how to organize my hundreds of emails and tasks so I get more done and work with less stress. Most importantly, it has given me a way to stay organized among all the never ending communications I receive – I am able to get back to folks much faster now. I highly recommend it!”

Moshe Cohen
Director of Sales

Global Prairie

“Griff, I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your time and knowledge sharing with me. I truly feel more on top of my game now than I ever have before. As I’ve told you; your tips, tricks, shortcuts, setting changes, etc. have completely transformed the way I work. Your are a true Mac and productivity genius in my eyes! Keep sharing your knowledge. You are a wonderful teacher & will continue to make a positive impact on those who work with you with so much gratitude.”

Laura Swallows
Director of Team Engagement

“Brett is a wizard when it comes to Productivity. As an EA to the same executive for 8 years, I considered myself to be very organized. After completing Productive Power I gained even more knowledge and a better understanding on how to use Outlook more efficiently. Everything was much more in reach and I could reference emails, follow up’s so much faster. I became much more in tune with my priorities of what needed to be done now vs. later and it completely changed the way I tackled my day and Berry’s day. I still use the tools he taught me 2.5 years ago and have never looked back!”

Alisha MacPhee
Executive Assistant

Unity Jets

“PP far exceeded my expectations. The program was tailored to help me improve on my organizational weaknesses and even made me aware of some tactics that made me improve what I already thought was working. PP enhanced my productivity and taught methods that not only helped me professionally but in my personal life as well. I feel more organized, productive and in control of my responsibilities and tasks. Bob has been a pleasure to work with, and has always been more than flexible in juggling my whacky schedule. Thank you PP!”

Patty Hernandez
Client Services

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce

“This is a game changer! I consider myself pretty organized, but now I’m more organized than I’ve ever been. For the first time ever I actually have a plan on managing my emails and my tasks.

I feel like I have control of my life vs. my emails and my tasks controlling me.”

Noel Martinez
President and CEO

Haile, Shaw & Pfaffenberger

“As someone who is always looking for ways to improve efficiency in my law practice, I found Productive Power an extremely worthwhile program. My coach taught me how to use the tools at my fingertips to respond more quickly to clients and manage my tasks.”

Philip Decomo


“I really didn’t expect to get much out of the program but getting to a zero inbox has really made an impact. The accountability this program provides is like nothing else I’ve come across.”

Liam Martin


“After completing the program, I’m saving almost three hours each day and have noticed a 20% increase in my team’s productivity. This has allowed me to remain the visionary of my company and has made me a much better leader.”

Lisa Villarreal

Castleview Wealth Advisors

“You are amazing – thank you for working so hard to increase my personal productivity. It was so worthwhile and you made it a great experience for me. Thank you again!”

Kendall King

Baptist Health South Florida

“I’m less than half way through the program and loving it. It’s already changing how I tackle (and manage) work each day. My coach is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and insightful. I look forward to working with her each week.”

Jessi Berrin, MBA
Director of Development

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