Our Story

Productive Power was founded in 2014, as a result of its founder’s personal mission to increase his productivity. As CEO of multiple companies within the education and digital space, Brett found himself challenged with a continuous flood of emails and a never-ending to do list. His own experiences, along with his desire to help professionals facing similar challenges, became the driving forces behind our flagship program, Digital Productivity Essentials.

Today, the Productive Power team helps professionals across the country leverage their digital tools to become more productive. Empowered by technology, our clients accomplish more, beat deadlines and enjoy peace of mind in and out of the office.

Our Team

Brett Spodak


Christina Lambert

Managing Director

Bob Andress

Managing Director

Leah Colatosti

Digital Productivity Coach

Melissa Poole

Digital Productivity Coach

Lauren Kohrs

Digital Productivity Coach

Lauren Moscardelli

Digital Productivity Coach

Shawna Spiller

Program Coordinator

Carol Teliska

Operations Manager

Gabrielle Poston

Recruitment Coordinator

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